poniedziałek, 16 lutego 2015

Valentine's Day ootd ♥

Yeahh I came back from Spain and I am totally in love but it means come back to reality. From 12 to -2 degrees :(Before I will publish photos from there I prepared outfit of the day with this beautiful red skirt. Maybe this leather jacket wasn't good idea but with this lovely scarf I felt not so cold :D

How was yours Valentine's Day pretty girls? In warm Spain or in cold Poland?
Have a lovely day and check my instagram @mejdinka

shoes- mosquito ♥ skirt- elitefashion99 ♥ jacket- stradivarius

wtorek, 27 stycznia 2015

Start New Journey

The last months of 2014 brought me changes in my life. What means for me BIG changes in my life. Totally unexpected but the same time the most beautiful!
Time to do what heart wants and I am taking my lovely readers on my new way. 
Fashion, lifestyle, simple, clear way!

@MEJDINKA (my instagram)


Firstly I had to change my closet. Less is more!

The best pair of jeans short! I am totally fall in love. A little bit too big and this is it! I bought it on romwe few months ago and it was the best decision!

Striped t-shirts! Striped blouses! 
I can't say nothing more! Who knows me, knows my wardrobe. Half of my tops are in stripes! I am so thankful elitefashion99 for helping me in create this look which you see down below! The quality is amazing! And it cost only £8.99! My favourtie item right now!

My boots I bought 2 months ago on mosquito site on sale and I can't regret my decision! Look perfect now to jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses. And this gold details!! Definitely black+gold is something what I love!